Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey!!!  Have you heard of POSHMARK???  Who hasn't right???  Well I have some cool pieces in my #poshmarkcloset that I'd love for you to check out.  I've just added #sunglasses #handbags and #shoes so go and #shopmycloset ... I am #iheartfashion55 ENJOY!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Nails...New color and Then & Now

Hey ladies!!!  I'm a couple days late with this post but I've had a busy couple of days...

So, if you follow any of my social media you know that I change my nail color every week and do weekly manicures.  I'm at a point now where I don't even know what other colors to get.  I'm trying to stop myself from being a polish hoarder, but I honestly need more supplies more than polish. 
Ok, so this week I aimed to stay on course with my Spring/Summer colors and opted for this shimmery yellow color from Sinful Colors: 928 Lets Meet and the accent nail has a bit of glitter from Sally Hansen: 550 Frazzle Dazzle.  I thought the yellow and gold combo would be perfect together. 

I have not done any design or accent nail for that matter in a really long time because I'm not really into glitter polish that much, for one, and two, I can't be perfect at everything so doing designs is not my niche. 

Also below you will find a two week apart look at my nails without polish.  I do this to show if there was any change in length or look of nail. 

If you have any questions pertaining to nail care or any of the products you see, please leave them and your comments below!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Here's another Look Inspired...

Ok, so I kept it as simple as one can get with a look, who doesn't love a T-Shirt and Jeans outfit with a nice chic jacket and pumps???  Exactly!!!  So I turned to Zoe Saldana for my inspiration.  Her look, very effortless with a touch of chic.  If you don't know by now, for someone who does not like to be categorized and put in a box, I stand firm on being effortless and chic.  We have a basic white tee,  I chose s v-neck because that's the neckline I favor...a caramel colored jacket,  hers has much more exaggeration in the sleeves though mines does have shoulder pads...my jeans are a darker wash but they work...if you are a woman, there should be, needs to be a pair of pointed toes black pumps in your closet!!!  Lastly, I had to also do that red lip, it says "casual chic just got sexy".  Remember ladies, its all about taking bits and pieces, making it work for you.  We all have the ability to look and feel like a star!!! 

T-Shirt from TJMaxx (in-store)
Jeans are Guess (given to me)
Jacket from TJMaxx (in-store) brand is Mimi Chica
Shoes are from Nordstrom (in-store) brand is Paolo
Lipstick is Elf Cosmetics (online) www.eyeslipsface.com

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nail Look Of The Week

Hey there!!!  So I just wanted to share my look/color of the week with you.  The shape of my nails remain the same, I'm kind of loving the rounded nail, how do you feel about round nails???  The color I chose this week is Tangerini Bikini from Nicole by OPI.  I love this color for Spring/Summer, I may even take it into Fall.  It's so bright and beautiful, definitely a statement color.  My toes are a jeweled tone green, the colors compliment each other well.  I have on two coats along with my Starting 5 (refer to previous posts).  Hope you enjoy this look!!!  Let me know if you've tried this color before...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fashion Tips.....

Good day ladies!!!...and Gents, so as I began to get back into Fashion research, my first stop was www.instyle.com and I came across their list of 50 Best Fashion Tips of All Times.  Fashion Tips, truly ones opinion, you end up doing as you wish but you can't say you weren't taught or encouraged to follow suit.  I went through all 50 tips and picked my top 5 that I believe are of utmost importance:

1. Show skin strategically...many women have failed this tip, even myself a time or two...or 3, maybe 4!!!  No one's saying you can't be sexy but for the most part men like to fantasize,  give them something to fantasize about. 

2. Accessorize in brights...we all know I love color!  Nothing confuses me more than a woman buying/wearing all one color, staying so simple and muted to the world.  Speak up!!!  Or at least let the fashion speak for you...wearing an all black outfit??? Add red, or orange,  even pink to that look in your shoes, bag, even lipstick.

3. Consider the wear and care...there was a time when I paid no attention to that little tag on the inside of garment telling you how it should be cleaned,  but once you've washed something that should have been dry cleaned and it shrinks or damages the fabric, you'll pay attention. 

4. Open your mind...don't talk to me about fashion unless you're willing to step outside of that black and white box you get dressed in and are ready to try new things! 

5. Own something leopard...or cheetah, zebra, lion, tiger...own an animal print!  It will save your life in a fashion crunch.  Shoes, bag, scarf, hat, umbrella.

Check out the rest of their list...

Let me know what fashion tips you live by on a daily by commenting below!!!